How Fire Fuel Reduction Services Can Protect Your Home

The roof of a house is burning, while a firefighter rushes with his hose to put out the blaze.

You may remember the wildfires that occurred in 2020. Over 9.5 million acres of land were consumed, and thousands of homes were lost. Wildfires are started either by lightning or human negligence. To protect your home, you need to work with a licensed tree care expert and regularly schedule fire fuel reduction services. Fire Fuel […]

Protecting Your Oregon Trees in the Winter

Fallen red maple tree leaves raked into heart shape on green grass lawn with rake broom in autumn fall season

Though winter temperatures in Oregon are usually mild, there are still cold snaps that can bring snow and ice, desiccating winds, and, most of all, so much rain that it can cause roots to rot. The good news is that there are several things you can do to protect your trees and shrubs during our […]

Ways to Protect Your Trees This Winter

Trimming tree with electric saw - environmental labor

Trimming your trees in the spring improves the tree’s health and stimulates growth, but there are also ways to protect your trees from changing weather. Trees in the Redmond, OR region should survive the average winter weather as long as they’re healthy. When asking our certified tree experts, you should consider other challenges of autumn […]