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The roof of a house is burning, while a firefighter rushes with his hose to put out the blaze.

How Fire Fuel Reduction Services Can Protect Your Home

You may remember the wildfires that occurred in 2020. Over 9.5 million acres of land were consumed, and thousands of homes were lost. Wildfires are started either by lightning or human negligence. To protect your home, you need to work with a licensed tree care expert and regularly schedule fire fuel reduction services.

Fire Fuel Services Help to Assess Risks and Minimize Wildfires

When a licensed tree care expert performs fire fuel reduction services, he or she will first come out to your home to assess risks. The licensed tree care expert will check for highly flammable vegetation and see how many dead trees and how much plant matter are around your home. Dead trees and plant matter can catch fire easily because they are dried out. In addition to identifying hazards, the tree care expert will check to see which areas are vulnerable and need protection. After the assessment, the expert will work with you to craft a plan to minimize risk to your home by creative defensive space. The fire fuel reduction plan will be tailored to meet the unique needs of your property. Sure, you can find plans online; however, there is no guarantee that the plan you choose will work to mitigate your risk.

Implement the Plan to Keep Your Home Safe

Once you and the tree care specialist have collaborated to formulate a plan of action, it is time to implement the plan. Fuel reduction activities can include removing trees and vegetation that are known safety hazards, controlled burns to restore the natural habitat, and thinning either by hand or by using mechanical tools. Your tree care specialist will determine how often fire fuel reduction services are needed to keep wildfires at bay.

Provide a Buffer for Your Home Against Danger

After implementing your fire fuel reduction plan, you must maintain your defensive space regularly. Think of this space as a buffer for your home. Licensed tree care experts highly recommend maintaining your defensive space yearly. When you have enough of this space, your home is less likely to be destroyed when wildfires strike. When wildfires burn nearby, they will not survive once they reach your defensive space because there will be nothing for the fires to consume to keep them going.

Wildfires are devastating, so scheduling regular fire fuel services is critical. If you are a resident of the greater Redmond, OR area and want to protect your home from wildfires, contact 4 Brothers Tree Service to schedule fire fuel services today.

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