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Removing Dead Trees Before the Holidays Can Be a Wise Move

The holidays are often a busy time, filled with special events. During this season, you’ll want to relax and enjoy being with others, doing the things that bring you joy. Dealing with a fallen tree is not something that you’d want to handle during this season. To prevent anything from happening during the holidays, have your dead trees removed in the fall.

Winter Weather

Winter weather is coming our way. Cold temperatures will soon be here, along with wind and precipitation. Precipitation can saturate the ground and soften the soil, making it harder for dead trees to stay in place. High winds can topple trees, too. Wind gusts often make live trees fall over, and it’s much more likely that dead trees would succumb to the force of the wind. For these reasons, it’s a good idea to have dead trees removed before we face extreme conditions that often coincide with the arrival of the holiday season.

Protect Your Home

If a falling branch can destroy a vehicle, bring down a power line, or damage a roof, imagine what an entire tree can do. Dead trees are much more likely to fall because they are brittle and have weakened root structures. Further, dead wood can be attractive to termites and other pests. As these creatures feed on rotting material, trees can get even more compromised in terms of their structural integrity.

It could be a disaster if a dead tree were to fall on your property during the holidays. If this were to happen, you’d have to spend all of your time focusing on cleaning up the mess rather than celebrating with family and friends. Broken windows, doors, and sections of a roof can be difficult to deal with and potentially make your home unsafe for guests.

A Busy Time for All

If something were to happen at your place because of a fallen tree, you’d likely have to reach out for professional assistance. One issue with asking for help during the holidays is that professionals are also spending time with their loved ones. Since this is a busy time for people in the industry in terms of both business and personal matters, it can sometimes be difficult to find a qualified person who can come right away.

Keep Your Place Looking Nice

Branches and twigs from dead trees aren’t anchored in place very well, so they’re likely to fall. This can give you a lot to clean up, but during the holidays, you might already be occupied with tidying up before gatherings and cleaning up after them. Also, dead trees can detract from your property’s appearance. During this season, you’ll want your home looking its best.

Taking care of dead trees before the holiday season arrives makes sense on many levels. If you’re looking for tree removal services in Redmond, OR, call us at 4 Brothers Tree Service today.

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