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Safe Tree Removal in Summer Requires Careful Timing for Safety

Any tree trimming, pruning or removal work is going to be more hazardous in summer. Trees that have fully leafed-out provide more wind resistance, so timing your tree project will take work. Working in the heat is always tougher, especially since arborists need to wear protective gear. Finally, pests that may be dormant in the winter will be very active during the summer season.

Diagnose With Care

If you have a tree that appears to be diseased or dying, your arborist may be able to save it with a thorough pruning. The removal of diseased branches could be enough to prevent the need for tree removal.

However, if the tree cannot be salvaged, professional removal is necessary. Your tree expert will note whether the tree is leaning or if the ground around it is showing signs of root stress. A leaning tree is actually bearing a lot of stress on the top side, so careful weight removal is necessary to reduce the risk of a tip.

Broken branches in the canopy need to be handled with special care. Once a branch breaks, the fiber of the tree is opened to disease and fungi. That hanging branch can come down at any time and will be a risk to people and property on the ground. The loss of a big branch can also cause a serious balance issue to a tree that is already under stress.

Plan Ahead

Extremely hot or windy days can be very dangerous to arborists. These conditions can also increase risks to your property. Your arborist will need to book your tree removal project with an eye toward these conditions.

They may need to start early. Depending on weather patterns in your area, the calmest part of the day may be sunrise. Once the sun starts to warm the air, the wind speed may increase, and your arborist may be facing hazardous conditions.

It’s also important to note rainfall. Tree removal tools can include bucket trucks, and very wet soil may impede the stabilization of bucket trucks. Wet soil can also make it difficult to stabilize a ladder. Your arborist may need to adjust your tree removal schedule accordingly.

Moving Forward

You can choose to get the stump ground down or completely removed. If you want to grow grass, grinding the stump out should be effective. If you want to plant another tree or shrubs, you’ll need to get the stump removed. Your arborist will have the tools for either choice. Be aware that wet weather may make stump removal hazardous.

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