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Summer Tree Pruning Tricks That Will Promote Growth

While summer is not the ideal time to prune trees, the sunny weather and the inviting breeze often make people think of heading outdoors and completing yard work. Sometimes, that yardwork can include tree maintenance tasks, but before you start cutting down branches, take some time to read over some professional suggestions.

Be Careful of Pruning in Moist Conditions

To start, you need to know which times of year are best for pruning trees. Arborists recommend that tree pruning be done during spring and late fall. So, if you are pruning during the summer, it should be for a specific reason. Many people find themselves trimming back limbs and branches that are damaged because of storms or bacterial disease. If you are concerned that damaged branches are compromising the health of your tree, then you should avoid pruning in the rain or when there are high levels of humidity because moisture increases the chance of a tree infection spreading. Fruit trees are more likely to be harmed by diseases that are found in water, so you should make sure you wait until a dry period in the summer to prune these. Cherry and apricot trees are examples of trees that need to be carefully monitored for this reason.

Help Boost Tree Growth

Sometimes, the reason you trim a tree during the summer months is to help promote growth. Tree growth tends to slow down because of stifling summer temperatures. For this reason, if you prune a tree that doesn’t need help during the summer, you can hurt future growth. On the other hand, some trees need to be pruned to relieve extra weight so that they can grow. A tree that has too many branches, leaves, or fruit on it will end up with several defective limbs. Pruning these limbs off so that they don’t weigh down the entire tree will help the tree grow back stronger. In this case, it may not be the worst idea to consider pruning a tree.

Consult a Professional Arborist About Tree Pruning

Most homeowners don’t have an extensive knowledge base when it comes to tree pruning, which is why it is a better idea to hire professional arborists to do the work. Licensed arborists have years of training under their belt in tree care, and they know how to safely handle special tools and equipment. They also have access to safety gear that the average person does not. If you are thinking about trimming and pruning your trees, contact 4 Brothers Tree Service in Redmond, OR today to book a consultation visit.

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