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5 Common Indications of Overgrown Trees

Big tree old white oak in a sunny clearing

One of the most important steps of tree maintenance is knowing when a tree has become overgrown and needs to be pruned. When trees are not regularly pruned, they can become unhealthy and dangerous. Fortunately, several signs can help you recognize when to call in an experienced tree care professional for assistance. 1. Crowding Around […]

Proactive Strategies to Prevent Tree-Related Emergencies

Orange information sign with black letters displayed in front of tree maintenance workers and truck. Truck and workers intentionally blurred in background

Trees are a beautiful addition to our landscapes and provide environmental benefits. However, they can threaten our homes and safety if not properly maintained. Tree-related emergencies can result in property damage, personal injuries, and even loss of life. To prevent such incidents, homeowners can take preventative steps to help guarantee their trees’ health and stability. […]

5 Signs Something is Wrong with Your Tree

A tree with branches that look like deer antlers. Dead leafless tree. Dry tree branches

A tree is not just a plant anymore; it has become an environmentally conscious and practical source of efficient energy. A tree, unlike other plants, produces oxygen as it grows. Trees are vital to maintain a healthy ecosystem in the area surrounding them and emit various gases during respiration. Trees can help reduce pollution and […]