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Keep Your Trees Healthy and Happy During Harsh Winter Weather

As the colder months of the year approach, it is time to plan good winter care for your trees. Many home and business owners give plenty of attention to lawn and garden upkeep during the spring and summer. Yet, it is important to remember that trees and shrubs need additional maintenance as the weather gets colder. Your expert gardener or local arborist can inspect and maintain your trees to keep them healthy and beautiful even in freezing weather.

Have Your Trees Inspected Before the Coldest Days Arrive

To ensure the continued good health of your home or commercial property’s trees during winter, schedule an inspection during autumn. Request a complete health check for your trees by tree care professionals. They will inspect and provide care for any evidence of the following issues:

Prune Broken or Weak Branches

If your trees have any broken or weakened branches, our tree care team will prune or remove them.

Remove Potentially Dangerous Branches

If your trees have large, heavy branches overhanging your home or driveway, our tree care specialists can remove them. This will save you from worrying about damage from falling branches and debris.

Treat or Remove Diseased or Damaged Bark

Our arborist or tree care team will inspect your trees for splitting or peeling bark and treat or remove it. We may paint bare branch spots with a protectant to safeguard the branches from harsh, cold weather.

Place Mulch Around Tree Trunks

Unless there is still an inch or more of mulch surrounding the base of each tree trunk, our tree care team will add mulch. This provides good protection for exposed roots if the surrounding ground freezes.

Apply Green Slow-Release Fertilizer

Adding organic slow-release fertilizer to the soil surrounding your trees will supply them with vital nutrients throughout the winter. A certified arborist or expert tree specialist is best suited to perform this service.

Secure Any Cabling or Bracing

If any of your trees have cabling or bracing to add support and ensure stability, our tree care specialists will fortify its security.

By following recommended advice from expert arborists, you can protect your trees from cold and blustery winter weather. When you engage the services of top-rated arborists and tree care professionals, your trees will stay healthy. You can look forward to the cool shade and beauty of tall, strong trees during the spring and summer.

Our Tree Experts

Contact the experts at 4 Brothers Tree Service in Redmond, OR for top-rated tree care and maintenance services. Let our excellent team of tree specialists inspect your trees and provide all needed pre-winter treatment and maintenance to keep your trees healthy all winter. Find out more by visiting our company website today.

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