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Landscape in autumn with big oak tree

These Are Great Trees to Plant This Autumn

Many Redmond, OR homeowners think of spring as the perfect time to plant new trees. While the hotter months are a good time to add lots of new kinds of plantings to your yard, fall is also another time when you can easily add plenty of additional trees. In fact, certain trees do even better during this time of the year. Here are just some of the trees you can add to your property once fall comes along.

Honey Locust

The honey locust tree has long been a favorite of many Oregon homeowners. That’s because this is a fast-growing tree that offers lots of cool shade. These are also trees that are known to be hardy. They can withstand many types of weather conditions, including the rain common in the Redmond area. Fall is a good time to plant your honey locust tree.

That’s because it comes into full glory during the spring. Planting it during the fall allows the tree to develop a strong root system. If you need help planting a honey locust, now is the time to contact our tree planting experts.


Crabapples are a good option for the Redmond homeowner who wants trees that have a nice scent and pretty flowers. These trees need lots of full sunlight in order to reach their maximum height of 25 feet. Fall is a good time to plant these trees because it lets the trees begin to establish a good connection with the soil. Put down a ring of mulch around the trees to protect them from the weather.


Linden trees have many good qualities. The trees feature deep golden leaves before shedding during the fall. Planting a linden tree during autumn helps the tree get a head start on this process well before it begins. These are trees that tend to do best when they are planted with easy access to full sunlight. You can also add them to areas of your yard that have only partial sunlight and they’ll do just fine.


Anyone in search of a tree that can grow very high should consider the sycamore. A single tree may grow as high as 100 feet. If your Redmond home has a large yard these are trees that can help fill in gaps and add lots of shade from the heat. These are also trees that tend to do very well when planted in the fall. If you decide to add them to your yard, make sure they get lots of water.

Planting trees is a great way to add value to your Redmond, OR home. If you need help with trees, now is the right time to speak to our arborists at 4 Brothers Tree Service. We offer a full range of services, including planting, trimming and pruning, stump grinding, and fire fuel reduction.

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