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4 Big Reasons to Go with Commercial Tree Services

When a tree falls down in your yard, you can either take care of it yourself or call a professional for help. The same thing is true when you have a tree problem on a commercial property. These problems can include dead trees with falling branches and sick trees that can spread to other areas of your property. Check out some of the benefits of hiring a professional commercial tree company such as 4 Brothers Tree Service in Redmond, OR.

1. Trimming and Pruning

It costs a lot of money to buy and plant a grown tree. Even if you start with saplings, you’ll spend a lot of money on their care and maintenance over the years. Getting more out of your investment is easy when you hire a pro for trimming and pruning. Redmond, OR is home to many evergreen trees as well as other types of trees. Pruning them in the late fall gets them ready for winter and ensures they can survive the cold and snow. You may also want to trim the trees to remove hazards around your property.

2. Reduce Costs

Redmond, OR is susceptible to a few different diseases that affect trees, such as laminated root rot and Swiss needle cast. As you walk around your property, look for signs that one or more of your trees is sick. You might notice that they have a few dead branches or that their bark color changes. A professional commercial company can diagnose the diseases and help you learn how to treat them. Working with 4 Brothers Tree Service also helps you decide when to remove trees you cannot save.

3. Professional Equipment

While you may feel tempted to handle some of the work yourself, keep in mind that you don’t have access to the same equipment that professionals do. They have safety gear that allows them to climb to the top of trees and prune dead branches. The company can also bring in equipment that helps them chop down any dead trees and remove them from the property. You pay for just the services that you need without spending extra on equipment you’ll rarely use.

4. Avoid Risks

Any fallen tree on your commercial property poses a potential safety risk. If someone suffers an injury due to that tree, it can cost you quite a bit of money. Even if you have insurance, you will still pay more than you’d like. With commercial tree services, a professional will take care of any potential safety hazards and help you avoid risks.

Keep your commercial property looking great and your trees healthy with professional commercial tree services. Call 4 Brothers Tree Service to schedule any of the commercial tree services your Redmond, OR land needs.

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