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Tips for Effective Tree Trimming

woman cutting tree branch

If you have trees on your property that could use some attention, you may be tempted to pull out the trimmers and start removing some branches. When done correctly, this can lead to remarkable results, allowing your trees to flourish. Unfortunately, some homeowners tend to trim their trees in a way that can actually harm […]

Tips for Proper Winter Tree Care

professional cutting, arborist pruning, cutting back, removing leafless bare mature branches safely. tree surgeon working using old chainsaw, hanging on multiple ropes, equipment. autumn cloudy

Winter is a great time to give your trees some extra TLC. They are dormant and can handle some extra attention. Here are a few helpful tips to ensure your trees stay healthy throughout the winter season. Prune and Remove Dead Branches or Limbs Pruning your tree in the winter helps promote healthy growth and […]

These Are Great Trees to Plant This Autumn

Landscape in autumn with big oak tree

Many Redmond, OR homeowners think of spring as the perfect time to plant new trees. While the hotter months are a good time to add lots of new kinds of plantings to your yard, fall is also another time when you can easily add plenty of additional trees. In fact, certain trees do even better […]