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Quality Tree Care Will Reduce Legal Exposure and Protect Your Reputation

Your commercial property needs quality landscaping to make the intended statement about your business. If you’ve recently invested in a commercial property, it’s a good idea to bring in a tree professional to make sure that your plantings are healthy and vigorous. Dropping branches and dying shrubs can cause a great deal of damage.

Save What Can Be Saved

If you’re not planning to make big changes to your current landscaping, the first step may simply be to determine what can be saved. Trees that are old but in good shape may just need a trim during their dormant months to promote new growth.

Should you have trees or areas of your landscaping that aren’t in good shape, you’ll need to check for pests, fungi, and bacteria that can not only kill those trees but spread to others on your property. In such cases, a skilled arborist can help you determine the safest method of removal.

Managing Risk and Weight

Taking down an older tree can be extremely hazardous. In addition to the overall weight of an established tree, there’s the risk of rot. If your property is new to you and you’re not certain of the condition of your trees, they’ll need to be checked for pests.

Next, your tree professional will need to determine the safest cutting pattern and dropping zone. An older or rotting tree can start to split when even a skilled arborist starts taking weight off. This splitting can leave large branches hung up high in the tree and may create a new hazard.

Even working from the ground, tree professionals always need a way to clear out if a branch or tree starts to fall badly. If your tree removal project includes any large trees or branches, make sure you mark the area to be avoided. You may need to close part of your parking lot or tape off sidewalks around your facility.

Don’t Forget Brush

An overgrown area of brush and weeds can serve as a magnet for other risky items. The area may also be full of trash. Tin cans and broken bottles may lurk in an old brush pile.

Pests, from mice and rats to skunks, can also make homes in an overgrown or neglected spot. Again, work with your arborist to determine the best way to target this area.

Plan ahead to make sure that any tree removal, pruning, or brush cleanup can be done safely and securely. Tree professionals at 4 Brothers Tree Service in Redmond, Oregon are happy to help you with your commercial tree pruning or removal needs to protect the safety of you, your clients, and your employees.

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