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4 Important Things to Know About Safe Tree Removal

From dead trees in your backyard to the stumps you trip over every time you mow, you likely have a few trees you want to remove. This doesn’t even include the trees that drop rotten fruits or the ones that block your view. Regardless of why you want to get rid of them, tree removal comes with some hazards. Discover the safety tips you need as a homeowner.

You Can Damage Other Trees

Trees have elaborate root systems that intermingle over time. You may not realize that removing one or two trees can damage the entire ecosystem. Taking out a single tree can lead to others dying. Another related issue is that a dead or dying tree may suffer from a common disease. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch the disease in time before it reaches other trees. There’s a risk it might spread before you call in the pros, and it could reach all of your trees.

Electrocution Is Possible

Hiring a professional tree removal company helps you avoid the risk of electrocution. This most often occurs when you trim or remove trees that are too close to power lines. All it takes is one snip through that line to leave you on the ground with serious health problems. The pros know how far to stay away from those lines and what steps to take to avoid electrocution.

Protective Gear Is a Must

The bare minimum of gear you need includes non-slip boots or shoes, a hard hat, and heavy-duty gloves. Not only do professionals come equipped with all of that gear, but they also have the right equipment to pull stumps and remove other trees. If you think hiring a local company costs too much money, think about how much you need to pay for all this equipment. It’s usually cheaper to let a removal pro tackle the job.

Keep Others Safe

Removing dead stumps and trees usually requires one of two methods. One option uses a grinder to grind down the tree until it sits level with the ground. It’s possible to grind around the edges of the tree, too. The other method uses a winch attached to a large truck or vehicle. Some also use chemicals to break down the tree. All of these methods put the safety of others at risk. Not only can the winch break loose and hurt someone, but the chemicals can also affect their breathing.

Removing one or more trees is dangerous. It can cause serious injuries to you and your loved ones. After looking at the possible hazards and how to keep everyone safe, you’ll likely decide to let a local company do the work for you. If you live in the Redmond, OR area and want to safely remove trees, contact 4 Brothers Tree Service for help.

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