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The Dangers of Dead, Dying, Diseased, and Dangerously Placed Trees

While trees generally only provide positive qualities such as beauty and shade to a home, there are times when they can also become a threat to your home and family. When that happens, one of the only solutions available to you is to have it removed by professionals. Understanding when it is time to call a professional tree removal service is important.

Signs of Tree Failure

There are certain signs you should look out for that indicate it’s time for a tree to be removed. These include:

  • The tree has died
  • The tree is diseased
  • The tree is decaying
  • The tree’s trunk is badly damaged
  • The tree was vitally damaged in a storm
  • The tree is too close to your house
  • The tree is too close to your septic tank
  • The tree’s disease can spread to other trees

Keep in mind that you may not be able to detect that a tree is in trouble immediately. It takes time for the damage to manifest in a way that is visual. That’s why it’s also important to have regular professional tree service to catch issues early.

The Risks of Ignoring These Issues

There are very good reasons to have a tree removed in these above scenarios. For example, if a tree is too close to your underground septic tank, the roots of your tree may end up eventually disturbing the tank and destroying it. This could lead to having to install a new septic system, which can be an expensive project. If a tree is diseased and other trees are not immune to this disease, that single tree could end up killing all the other trees in your yard.

In other cases, there is a great safety concern. A tree that is dead, dying, or badly damaged could begin to deteriorate. While it may be years before it topples over completely, huge limbs may become brittle and break off at any given moment, especially during serious weather. They could come crashing into your home and do significant damage. Even worse, if your family or pets are near those trees, they could get crushed. It’s a real danger that must be addressed.

Signs to Look Out For

There are also certain signs you should look out for to help determine if a tree is failing and may be in need of safe removal before an accident happens. This includes evidence such as:

  • Bark coming off the tree
  • Dead branches
  • Root damage
  • Tree leaning
  • Cracking in the trunk
  • Serious fungus growth
  • Lack of leaves during spring and summer
  • Deep cavities in the tree

If you detect such signs of decay and even tree death, it’s probably a good time to call professionals to perform an assessment. While a dead or dying tree may not seem like an imminent threat to your home and family, waiting to act can turn out to be a huge mistake. Removing trees is not easy and will be far too dangerous for a layperson. You need professionals with years of experience to do the job right. If you live in the vicinity of Redmond, OR and believe one or more of your trees need removal soon, make sure to call the tree removal experts at 4 Brothers Tree Service.

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